Tree Felling

Garden Services Muizenberg

Sometimes the unforeseen happens to your trees, or a branch encroaches on the roof or even interferes with electric or telephone wires. That is when we come in and clear everything away from these obstacles. Trimming of trees and palms can be done on a seasonal basis, but hedges can then be done every week perhaps every second week to keep it nicely trimmed. Palm trees shape to cones and removing all unwanted fronds, leaving the palm nicely shaped. We can chip the excess branches and leave the chippings on site in order for the client to re use it as a mulch or filler in the flowerbeds.

DIY Tree Felling?

DIY tree felling is definitely not recommended. There is a high risk of personal harm or damage to property. Put your trust in The Garden Solution. Its more affordable than you might realise.

Tree Felling Permission?

If the tree is 100% within your property bounmdary, its highly unlikely you need persmission. It the tree straddles the property line, it might belong to the municipality and you would likely need their permission before felling it.

Xtra Tree Felling Services?

-Stump Removal
-Tree Removal
-Tree Trimming and Pruning

Tree Felling Cost?

It’s normally very affordable and depends on various scenarios. Please contact us for a quote. You can phone us on 084 510 0409 or email us and we will respond as soon as possible.